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UT restaffing Pride Center as diversity funding is restored

UT is looking to hire a director for its LGBT Pride Center following the expiration of a one-year moratorium on diversity-related spending.

Shannon Spada Jun 26, 2017 at
3:42 PM EDT

Profs awarded for essay on combating erasure of ‘blackness’

"[A]dding faculty of color to the department was not enough; we had to change the culture..."

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 26, 2017 at
2:45 PM EDT

University seeks coordinator for social justice 'pilgrimages'

Lewis University is seeking a new University Minister to “encourage students to live and understand social justice from a Catholic perspective.”

Toni Airaksinen Jun 26, 2017 at
2:20 PM EDT

USD removes guidelines proscribing 'feelings of hatred'

The University of South Dakota has removed speech guidelines from its website that aim to “limit feelings of hatred” on social media.

Adam Sabes Jun 26, 2017 at
1:34 PM EDT

AZ Gov vetoes bill banning censorship of student journalists

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey vetoed a bipartisan bill last month that would have protected student journalists from being punished for criticizing their schools.

Shanna Nelson Jun 26, 2017 at
11:21 AM EDT

'Environmental inequity' caused by 'colonialism,' course claims

Brown University is offering summer courses designed to help students “unpack” their understandings of race and view pollution as a form of “colonialism.”

Toni Airaksinen Jun 26, 2017 at
10:12 AM EDT

Prof ‘will not be rehired’ following Otto Warmbier remarks

"Katherine Dettwyler, who last taught in the spring as an adjunct faculty member, will not be rehired to teach at the University in the future."

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 26, 2017 at
12:30 AM EDT

NJ college fires prof for insensitive remarks on Fox News

"You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card."

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 25, 2017 at
6:09 PM EDT

University hit with lawsuit over pattern of anti-Semitism

San Francisco State University is being sued for allegedly fostering a hostile environment toward Jewish students for the last two decades.

Jackson Richman Jun 24, 2017 at
2:26 PM EDT

CA travel ban could keep sports teams from 8 states

California’s attorney general recently banned public colleges from travelling to four additional states due to their alleged anti-LGBT policies.

Adam Sabes Jun 24, 2017 at
1:13 PM EDT

UDel disavows prof's 'distressing' Warmbier comments

UDel has unequivocally condemned the professor who recently declared that Otto Warmbier “got exactly what he deserved.”

Adam Sabes Jun 23, 2017 at
9:25 PM EDT

Kellogg claims it’s been ‘vilified’ over free-speech suit

"Free speech is a right, not a privilege that can be censored by university officials on a public campus."

Anthony Gockowski Jun 23, 2017 at
4:05 PM EDT

Wisconsin Dems complain free speech bill targets UW-Madison

Wisconsin Democrats accused their Republican counterparts of "mansplaining" and hypocrisy in an unsuccessful bid to defeat the Campus Free Speech Act.

Dan Jackson Jun 23, 2017 at
4:00 PM EDT

Students fight 'subtle racism’ with interactive video

"Asking 'where are you actually from' is insinuating a lot more."

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 23, 2017 at
3:30 PM EDT

Shunned by students, Mizzou opens dorms to sports fans

The University of Missouri is planning to rent out some of its vacated dorms to make up for many of the school’s significant financial woes.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 23, 2017 at
1:43 PM EDT
Riot police march to the scene of a free speech rally at Evergreen State College that

Evergreen State prez asks lawmakers for police protection

Evergreen State College is asking state lawmakers for police protection, despite refusing to allow its own police to intervene during recent protests.

Dan Jackson Jun 23, 2017 at
1:01 PM EDT

Prof: Frats designed to 'hoard power' for 'wealthy white men'

An Occidental College professor wants fraternities abolished because “they are designed to hoard power and influence specifically for wealthy white men.”

Adam Sabes Jun 23, 2017 at
11:49 AM EDT

Prof says Otto Warmbier 'got exactly what he deserved'

A professor said Wednesday that Otto Warmbier was typical of “rich, white, clueless males” and “got exactly what he deserved” at the hands of North Korea.

Shannon Spada Jun 22, 2017 at
4:03 PM EDT

Student triggered after prof suggests reading Cato paper

A graduate student at the University of St. Francis attacked one of her professors on Twitter for suggesting she read a paper published by the Cato Institute.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 22, 2017 at
3:05 PM EDT

Lawmakers want Trinity prof ousted for 'reprehensible' remarks

State lawmakers are demanding the dismissal of a Trinity College professor over his controversial remarks following the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise.

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 22, 2017 at
2:08 PM EDT

Yale dean resigns amidst controversy over racist Yelp reviews

A Yale University dean has officially resigned, just over a month after being placed on leave for posting derogatory comments on her Yelp account.

Shannon Spada Jun 22, 2017 at
11:14 AM EDT

Prof: 'Racist hate speech' causes cigarette smoking

"Perhaps it’s nonsense to characterize the nature of the harm as nothing more than an emotional scratch."

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 22, 2017 at
8:25 AM EDT

VIDEO: Saying 'Radical Islam' is 'definitely wrong,' students say

Last month’s terror attacks in London killed dozens and renewed the debate over the use of the term “Radical Islam.”

Cabot Phillips Jun 21, 2017 at
4:49 PM EDT

GVSU offers scholarships to attend White Privilege Conference

Grand Valley State University is offering “opportunities for scholarships” to students who attend next year's "White Privilege Conference."

Toni Airaksinen Jun 21, 2017 at
3:33 PM EDT

Prof seeks 'solidarity' in fight with 'right-wing activists'

A Syracuse professor is asking for "solidarity" after receiving backlash for ominously tweeting a call to “” anti-Sharia protesters.

Neetu Chandak Jun 21, 2017 at
12:40 PM EDT

Rutgers enlists unpaid students to promote social justice

Rutgers University enlists unpaid students to push “diversity and social justice” onto their fellow peers through educational programming and workshops.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 21, 2017 at
11:30 AM EDT
Police officers stare down

Volokh demolishes Feinstein in campus free speech hearing

"You don't think we learned a lesson at Kent State Way back when?"

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 21, 2017 at
7:56 AM EDT

Rutgers cracks down on disruptions, blasted as pro-Trump

"You’ve put the Board and all Queens in the camp of favoring the Trump agenda against these protesters."

Anthony Gockowski Jun 20, 2017 at
4:05 PM EDT

'If you're white, you're probably racist,' student scolds peers

The opinions editor for the University of Alabama’s student newspaper recently accused her white classmates of being uniformly racist.

Jacob Grandstaff Jun 20, 2017 at
3:13 PM EDT

TREND: Push for Plan-B vending machines, free contraception

"Students already don’t feel comfortable buying it…imagine buying it from another student."

Anthony Gockowski Jun 20, 2017 at
1:27 PM EDT

Brown helps students 'create safe spaces' to discuss privilege

Brown University is offering a summer course to teach students how “the racial hierarchy” and “white supremacy” impact the health of African Americans.

Toni Airaksinen Jun 20, 2017 at
1:03 PM EDT

Prof calls whites 'inhuman assholes,' says 'let them die'

A Trinity College professor appeared to endorse letting the victims of last week's congressional shooting “die" because they are white.

Anthony Gockowski Jun 20, 2017 at
11:55 AM EDT

Trigger warning: Carolla, Prager team up to tackle safe spaces

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager plan to expose some inconvenient truths about the “safe spaces” that permeate college campuses today.

Jackson Richman Jun 20, 2017 at
11:07 AM EDT

Evergreen students: 'F*** free speech' that 'validates' hate

Evergreen State College students remain hostile to free speech, saying speech that "validates" white supremacists should not be protected.

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 20, 2017 at
8:18 AM EDT

Silence or violence: Toxic classroom rhetoric poisons discourse

The toxic, intolerant political environment is taking a disturbingly violent turn, and could have lasting repercussions.

Hannah Scherlacher Jun 19, 2017 at
7:58 PM EDT

College admin fired for posing as rapper in 'wrap day' pic

Grace College fired several marketing employees recently for posing as “rappers” in a photo during the department's “wrap day."

Shannon Spada Jun 19, 2017 at
5:47 PM EDT

'Meritocracy' is a microaggression, university guidebook claims

Rowan University is advising students and professors to "call out" those who endorse concepts like "color blindness" and "meritocracy."

Adam Sabes Jun 19, 2017 at
2:56 PM EDT

Georgetown opens door to divesting from Israel, fossil fuels

Georgetown is divesting from "abortion services" under a new policy that could open the door to divestment from fossil fuels and Israel, as well.

Kara Zupkus Jun 19, 2017 at
11:52 AM EDT

Princeton prez 'embarrassed' by students' hatred of free speech

Even prominent liberals like Sen. Bernie Sanders are fed up with the violent reactions of college students toward conservative speakers.

Dan Jackson Jun 19, 2017 at
11:06 AM EDT

GOP lawmakers battle odds to salvage free speech at Evergreen

GOP lawmakers in Washington are working to ensure that free speech survives on college campuses following the controversy at Evergreen State College.

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 19, 2017 at
7:59 AM EDT

Temple prof calls UMich free tuition guarantee 'a farce'

A Temple University professor says the University of Michigan’s new free tuition plan is “appalling” because it does not cover students' other expenses.

Dan Jackson Jun 16, 2017 at
4:42 PM EDT

Ohio Wesleyan to launch 'Social Justice Major' in fall

Ohio Wesleyan University will begin offering a degree in Social Justice starting this fall.

Shannon Spada Jun 16, 2017 at
2:48 PM EDT

UGA socialist group disbands amid outrage over anti-GOP tweet

A socialist student group has disbanded amid fallout from a tweet saying House Republicans should be “guillotined” for voting to replace Obamacare.

Jeffrey Tomblin Jun 16, 2017 at
12:55 PM EDT

Prof blames 'Trump and trumpism' for Scalise shooting

A political science professor is claiming that the shooting of Steve Scalise by a left wing extremist was directly caused by "Trump and trumpism.”

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 16, 2017 at
11:25 AM EDT

UMich paper defends silencing speakers who 'outrage' students

The University of Michigan’s student newspaper recently came out in defense of shouting down speakers who “outrage” students by espousing "hate speech."

Justin Caruso Jun 16, 2017 at
10:39 AM EDT

VIDEO: Antifa thugs attack free speech rally at Evergreen State

Antifa protesters once again turned violent, this time attacking a free speech rally at Evergreen State College in Washington.

Dan Jackson Jun 16, 2017 at
1:19 AM EDT

Prof claims American patriotism is 'drenched in whiteness'

A University of Florida professor claims that the concept of patriotism is “drenched in whiteness” and implies that black people are “un-American.”

Toni Airaksinen Jun 15, 2017 at
4:15 PM EDT

Student gov prez asks UA to provide financial aid for illegals

The University of Arizona’s student body president wants to create scholarships for illegal immigrant students despite a state law prohibiting them.

Shanna Nelson Jun 15, 2017 at
2:32 PM EDT

UMass courses promote 'resistance' to capitalism, patriarchy

The UMass-Amherst “Resistance Studies Initiative” teaches activism against “capitalism’s exploitative practices” and “patriarchal hierarchies.”

Nikita Vladimirov Jun 15, 2017 at
1:04 PM EDT

Profs mock Scalise support for Second Amendment after shooting

Several professors took advantage of Wednesday’s shooting of Steve Scalise to mock his support for gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

Shannon Spada Jun 15, 2017 at
8:54 AM EDT
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